Real Estate Transactions

Our commercial property team can expertly assist in any single transaction, however is primarily experienced in dealing with multiple instructions for investor clients and commercial landlords.

We also frequently assist with property related concerns in general commercial transactions and business acquisitions.

We can assist you with:

  • Heads of Terms and contractual negotiations
  • Authorised Guarantee Agreements
  • Consents for Assignment and Improvements
  • Rent Review and Lease Extensions
  • Security of Tenure or Forfeiture
  • Deeds of Surrender and Lease Termination

Commercial Property Disputes

Real Estate

Generally speaking real estate should not be a contentious area, but in both residential and commercial contexts there are sometimes minor issues which can escalate if not effectively managed at the outset.

In the course of or after the conclusion of a transaction various issues can arise over title, covenants, misappropriation of land, or between landlord and tenant. Our dedicated advisers ensure that your dispute whether residential or commercial is dealt with effectively and economically.

In both residential and commercial contexts, we can assist with…

Our commercial legal services include:

  • Land disputes arising from a sale/purchase
  • Disputes arising from neighbour rights of way, rights of light, and ownership disputes
  • Insolvency – we have particular expertise in the enforcement of covenants against both current and former tenants and/or their sureties and the effects of insolvency on clients’ property assets
  • Arbitration, mediation and alternative methods of dispute resolution

Commercial specific property legal issues we can assist with…

Landlord and tenant matters, including:

  • Lease renewals (whether agreed or opposed) pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Commercial Rent Arrear Recoveries and rent reviews
  • Security of Tenure and Lease Surrender
  • Authorised Guarantees and consent disputes,
  • Rent Review and Lease Extensions
  • Enforcing the vacant possession of development land and the removal of squatters

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Commercial Real Estate Investments

With connections across various foreign markets, Simmonds Austin Ryder Solicitors provides a wealth of experience rarely found outside of large international firms; with an expert Partner dealing with your transaction and enquiries, you’ll not be left wondering what stage your instruction is.

Our investments team and its specialist partners provide advice on each element of financing, planning, and the construction of residential, commercial, and development land.

Sourcing advice from the companies within our group we are able to assist with the purchase and sale of property portfolios, and are able to undertake even the most complex of transactions. We work closely with finance and tax experts to advise on pre-sale and acquisition structuring, stamp duty, stamp duty land tax, VAT and other relevant issues.

We act for investors, entrepreneurs, and international persons and corporations – each appreciate our ability to provide clear tailored advice suited to the economics of the transaction.

Meet the Real Estate Specialist Legal Team

Bruce Crabb

Bruce Crabb

Private Client/Residential/Commercial Conveyancing

Bruce Crabb is a partner of Austen Ryder Private Office Solicitors, having joined the firm when it joined with Austin Ryder & Co. Bruce has had an impressive career which began with Austin Ryder & Co in 1968 and continues with Private Office Legal Services. Bruce’s expertise is in both residential and commercial property transactions, and he has a wealth of experience drafting wills and managing estates and probate.

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